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We'd like to thank all of our generous contributors for donating their time, resources and funds to our community. Without them we wouldn't be able to keep this place running.

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Ladies And Gentlemen, Rev Your Engines...

What began as a small group of CRX owners with a passion and too much spare time, has now become a community of over 800 CRX enthusiasts from Australia and all over the world, ready and willing to share their knowledge and passion for this hot little hatch.

Where did we begin?

It all started many moons ago, when a group of CRX owners got together online and decided to start a Yahoo group. They were a small gathering of young dudes with nothing better to do with their time. Within the group was Matt, a young up and coming web designer and enthusiastic CRX owner who volunteered his services and connections to make something a bit more dedicated and visually appealing then what Yahoo was offering.

So it was formed. crxaustralia.com was registered and website development began. Although still quite small all the members were very active and helped out in any way they could. It was a small site, offering some info on the CRX but more importantly, it bought Australian CRX owners together. All over the country people were joining, adding their two cents of information to whoever needed it. CRX Australia was now a thriving community with plenty of information and Australian owners showing off their prized possessions.

As the community grew we faced a few server problems. Being a nonprofit club, no money was coming in, but with the rising number of members the need for server space was increasing and a good quality forum board was needed. Free ones that were available just didn’t cut the mustard. The club was thriving, but only a few core members knew that behind the scenes it was dying. With server issues now a major problem, one of our members decided to lend a hand. James took over the running of the club, buying server space and proper forum software.

So after a little downtime crxaustralia.com was back, looking better and working faster than ever before.  The club was now on the rise again with over 500 members from all over the globe. But as they say all good things come to an end. With James invested in other business ventures that left him little time for CRX Australia, the site was left neglected. Database errors were coming up regularly and the site was often down completely with no indication of any return.

Eventually, some members still in contact with one another via MSN decided it was time to pool their money together and purchase new forum software. Server space was donated to us by long time member Matt again. So now with more and more people donating the club was now financially secure.
Finally with stable software and a solid server, club membership is now at an all time high. Backed by a friendly team that listens to its members, CRX Australia has now grown into an extremely valuable place for CRX enthusiasts all over the world. With a wide range of styles, and members with helpful information, CRX Australia today is a friendly place where owners can unite.

So what is in CRX Australia’s future? Despite numerous offers for site sponsorship and advertising CRX Australia will remain non-profit. It’s a club where CRX owners can enjoy an attitude free community to share knowledge and show off what they are so proud to own.

Club President

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